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Time Initiation Drum Book

This book for beginners and reviewers is based on a methodology that I have been developing for years.
The approach is modern, progressive, intelligent. It is a perfect introduction to my more advanced book Time Manipulation.
For the moment, access to this book is limited to my own students.
Time Initiation Drum Book by Alain Rieder
To each exercise of the book correspond one or more mp3 files, that allow the student to learn the exercises optimally at home.
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All mp3 sound files can be copied to the student’s USB stick.
The mp3 files are also available on my server and I can send the download link to the student from my phone.
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To date there are more than 5 hours of mp3 sound files to work on, for this book alone.

Elementary exercise played by a student

Here's the chart read by the student (the line is played four times):
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He hears this pattern in the headphones, which really helps playing the exercise correctly:

Example 2

Here is the chart (the pattern is played eight times):
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It was the first time she played this particular pattern, actually.
She was hearing it in the headphones, which helped her playing it correctly:

Example 3

Advanced Concepts

If you're interested in more advanced stuff, you can go to the Time Manipulation Workshop part of my site.
Time Manipulation Workshop