Logic Pro X

For years, I've been perfecting a methodology that uses computer technology to help my students learn easily and in an intelligent way.
Like many musicians, I started using an Atari computer in 1987, and I rapidly became an expert at using a music application called Notator. I used Notator to write the exercises of my first book, Time Manipulation.
Later, a new application was made and named "Notator Logic", and this new application was then ported to the Mac & PC under the name of Logic Audio.
I was a beta tester of Logic Audio on the Mac for some time, as I helped improving the application by making suggestions for its notation part.
Apple bought Logic Audio a few years later, stopped making the PC version, and this application is now still one of the greatest tools for recording, composing and writing music, on a Mac.
I programmed all the patterns of my method for beginners with virtual drums in Logic Pro X.
This represents dozens of progressive exercises to work on, both at the lessons and at home. Exercises are carefully chosen for their relevance.

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During lessons, I use Logic Pro X as well as mp3 files exported from the application.
Mp3 files are available on my server, ready to be downloaded by my students to help them practicing at home.