Improvisation in 3/4

Improvisation in 3/4 with my friend Eduardo Machado.
Our goal here is to experiment with rhythm, so this is just a practice session.
We start with a simple rhythmic motif and we let ourselves go were it leads us.
Anything goes!

Sting - Paris 1985 - Bring on the Night

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Thirty years ago, in May 1985, Sting was preparing for a series of seven concerts in Paris at the Mogador Theatre. At that time, I was playing in a group that had ties to his record company (A&M Records), and I was fortunate to be invited to attend one of his rehearsals at the Mogador Theatre.

So I was one of the first persons in the world to hear his new music, his first album The Dream of the Blue Turtles, being released only one month after this series of concerts. I was not really a fan of The Police, but I attended the rehearsal with all the more interest as the drummer Omar Hakim was one of my favorites.