Weather Report, 08 July 1976, Montreux

The first time I had the opportunity to witness Weather Report in concert was July 8, 1976, that is 40 years ago today.
This concert is one of my best musical memories as a listener. It was filmed and can be found on DVD.

Billy Cobham & George Duke, July 6 1976, Montreux

July 6, 1976, I attended this concert of the Billy Cobham & George Duke Band, at the Montreux Jazz Festival.
I had already seen Billy Cobham play with the Mahavishnu Orchestra as well as with his own band.
I had seen George Duke play with Frank Zappa twice, and here he was trying to recreate some of the atmosphere that used to happen on stage with Zappa.
Alphonso Johnson was Weather Report's bassist before he was replaced by Jaco Pastorius.
It was the first time I saw John Scofield, who has now become one of the most renown guitarists.

Mort un dimanche de pluie

In 1986, I appeared as a studio drummer in the French film, "Mort un dimanche de pluie" (Death on a Rainy Sunday), which was shot in the Geneva area.
This is a thriller about a psycho looking for revenge and it's a pretty dark film. The music scenes where taken in three days, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, so I have good memories of these days. The rest of the film is pretty tense.