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Time Initiation Drum Book

Released in September 2023, Time Initiation offers a structured approach to teaching drums in a conceptual and creative way. It can be used for self- study. It is aimed at both beginners and experienced drummers who want to review the basics with a balanced and constructive approach. It presents innovative and interesting concepts, such as Pattern Morphing and Universal Fills, which will be useful for advanced drummers. Its clear pedagogical structure makes it an essential tool for students and teachers. The book is bilingual - in English & French - and includes a section on music theory focused on rhythm and drums.

The book is available in two bindings:

On this site (paperback & coil)

At the Lulu bookstore (paperback & coil)

Time Manipulation Drum Book

Are you looking to take your coordination and groove skills to the next level?

Time Manipulation is a drummer's guide to coordination in a groove context. This comprehensive drum book covers a range of essential techniques, including polyrhythms in 4/4 and 12/8, anticipations, beat displacement, and rhythmic modulation.

With Time Manipulation, you'll learn how to navigate complex rhythmic patterns with ease and finesse. You'll discover new ways to manipulate time and create dynamic and expressive drumming. The book includes detailed explanations, exercises, and audio tracks to help you master these essential skills.

Whether you're a beginner looking to build a solid foundation or an experienced drummer looking to expand your skills, Time Manipulation has something for you.

Order your copy today and start exploring the exciting world of rhythmic manipulation!

The book is available in two bindings and in eBook format.

On this site (paperback & coil)

At the Lulu bookstore (paperback & coil)

Amazon (paperback only)

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Review in Modern Drummer, March 2019
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What they say about it!

It is a very well thought-out book. I really liked the examples of beats you used. It seems to give an immediate result without sounding technically overbearing. Great work! Joey Baron

Alain Rieder has carefully assembled and designed this collection of beats (with various accompanying ostinatos), and it's suitable for drummers of most every level. As an adjunct to a musical course of study, I can recommend it. Peter Erskine

I find that Alain's book "Time Manipulation" can help in many different areas such as reading, coordinated independence and phrasing. Used as a tool in a complete organized practice routine, I recommend it. Dave Weckl

When I immersed myself in the pages written by Alain Rieder, I quickly realized that the book was worthy of the greatest interest. Alain Gozzo, Batteur Magazine

Fun, inspiring, and educational Modern Drummer Magazine (USA), 2019

The material is sophisticated, precise, highly informative and very musical. Drums & Percussion Magazine (D), 2019

These practice-oriented contents were already up-to-date in 1992, and they have remained so to this day. It is very good that this classic textbook is now being published in an extended new edition.Sticks Magazine (D), 2018

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