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Time Manipulation Drum Book

Time Manipulation

"Fun, creative and educational" - Modern Drummer 2019

This drum book is both innovative and rooted in tradition. It is designed to work on coordination in a groove context. It makes it easy to approach essential rhythmic concepts – from the most basic to the most complex – in a realistic, progressive and systematic way. Aimed at drummers of most levels, the book has an open structure that lets you develop your own ideas and creativity.

Time Manipulation was first published in 1992, gathering positive reviews from well-established drummers and reviewers. This is a new enhanced edition, first published in 2018 and available in English & French.


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    I know this book, it is a masterpiece!
    Al C. (comment read on FaceBook)
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    I find that Alain's book "Time Manipulation" can help in many different areas such as reading, coordinated independence and phrasing. Used as a tool in a complete organized practice routine, I recommend it.
    Dave Weckl
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    It is a very well thought-out book. I really liked the examples of beats you used. It seems to give an immediate result without sounding technically overbearing. Great work!
    Joey Baron
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    Do not hesitate, that's great work, very well presented as much on the form as on the content, I highly recommend it.
    "Wren" - on French forum ladrummerie
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    Masterfully written by an author willing to share the message of contemporary groove playing, in the most direct way possible.
    Alain Gozzo, Batteur Magazine
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    Alain Rieder has carefully assembled and designed this collection of beats (with various accompanying ostinatos), and it's suitable for drummers of most every level. As an adjunct to a musical course of study, I can recommend it.
    Peter Erskine
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    When I immersed myself in the pages written by Alain Rieder, I quickly realized that the book was worthy of the greatest interest.
    Alain Gozzo, Batteur Magazine
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    In 1992 Time Manipulation came out, a great book which you can use for a lifetime! I am happy that Alain decided to print a new edition of the book, adding some new stuff to work on. The "new“ updated book is a must have for every drummer and will give you much fun and improvement!
    Stephan Koler, Italy
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    Fun, creative and educational
    Martin Patmos, Modern Drummer Magazine
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    "The material is demanding, precise, highly informative and very musical"
    Drums & Percussion Magazine (Germany)
In Brief
The book has a total of 140 pages, including 68 groove exercises of 16 measures.
Combined with the suggested ostinatos, these exercises represent thousands of possibilities.
In addition there are 147 examples in the book, with more than an hour of mp3 files to download, which demonstrate the examples.

Price in Swiss Francs : CHF 50.00
Price in Euros on : 35 € + shipping
Audio - mp3
You will find the link to download the mp3 examples inside the book.

  • Thank you for keeping this link private, it is reserved to the owners of the book.
  • If you purchased Time Manipulation before August 2018 and did not receive the link to the mp3s, contact me by email.

Modern Drummer Magazine - March 2019

Here is the last review published in the March 2019 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine.
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I plan to regularly upload videos to demonstrate the exercises and rhythmic concepts developed in the book.
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Time Initiation Drum Book

Time Initiation Drum Book

Time Initiation is aimed at beginners, or at drummers who want to review the basics and go beyond their current level.
It is a clear and concise structure to learn basic coordination and groove in 4/4 and 12/8, basic breaks and fills and much more!
There is a full theory section at the end of the book.
It is bilingual (English & French).

NB : This book is reserved for my own students for the moment.