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Time Manipulation Drum Book

Time Manipulation

Time Manipulation is an innovative drum book, and it is rooted in tradition as well.
In a progressive structure that stimulates creativity and facilitates an optimal study of phrasing, it presents fundamental groove concepts, from basic to some of the most advanced, that can help in most of the current styles.
It has an open structure, so that everyone can develop their own ideas and creativity, and it is aimed at drummers of all levels who want to progress musically and technically.
It received excellent reviews in Batteur Magazine (from France) and Modern Drummer when it was first published in 1992.
Dave Weckl and Peter Erskine wrote recommendation notes for the back cover.
Alain Gozzo from (the French) "Batteur Magazine" listed it in his "Ultimate Drummer's Library".

Available Soon in a revised edition
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Time Manipulation Drum Book

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Time Initiation Drum Book

Time Initiation Drum Book

I wrote a new book aimed at beginners, or at drummers who want to review the basics and go beyond their current level.
It is a clear and concise structure to learn basic coordination and groove in 4/4 and 12/8, basic breaks and fills and much more!
There is a full theory section at the end of the book aiming at explaining everything you will need to know to take a good start.
It is bilingual (English & French).
For now, this method book is only intended for my own students.
Each exercise of the book has corresponding mp3 files that students can download from my server after the lessons, allowing them to work in a very efficient way at home.
At the moment there’s 5 hours of audio in mp3 format.
See children working on elementary exercises