Polyrhythmic Ostinatos - part 2

Polyrhythmic Ostinatos - part 2

Drum Lesson by Alain Rieder

Example 1
Here are three hi-hat (or ride cymbal) ostinatos (each line is played four times).
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Example 2
The same ones, played in a 3-bar sequence.
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Example 3
The three-bar ostinato, applied to other bass-drum patterns
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The three-bar ostinato can also be viewed as being in 3/4 and played over 4/4:

Example 4
This example is an application of this concept, to Exercise 4 from my Time Manipulation Drum Book.
Each pattern is played twice, but if you listen to the sound file the hi-hat plays the previous shifting hi-hat pattern, instead of the eighth-notes that are written.
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This video illustrates the concept. Again, this is Exercise 4 from my Time Manipulation Drum Book (page 25), played with Polyrhythmic Ostinato 5 (page 127). In this video example, I played each pattern twice, before moving on to the next, and I have added random ghost notes.
Vimeo Video

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Jing Chi
To hear a fine example of this rhythmic concept, listen to the next track, which is a short excerpt from a Jing Chi song.
I wrote this lesson in 1997, and the CD came out in 2001, but it perfectly illustrates the concepts I developed in this lesson.

CD: Jing Chi (Tone Center 40212) © 2001
Track 03: Tengoku
Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta
Guitar: Robben Ford
Bass: Jimmy Haslip

Musical examples are granted for your personal use only.
© 1998 Alain Rieder - all rights reserved

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