Soul Vaccination - David Garibaldi

Soul Vaccination

Drum Lesson by Alain Rieder
This series of exercises can help you learn the main groove pattern from Soul Vaccination, as created by David Garibaldi in the classic Tower of Power album from 1973.

Here's a short excerpt from the song:

Example 1

Here's the basic pattern, as transcribed by David Garibaldi himself:
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Example 2

Here's an alternative way to write the same pattern:
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Example 3

Now, the same pattern, but without the bass-drum. Non-accented notes are ghosted:
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Example 4

Now the same basic pattern, but with a simple eighth-note hi-hat ostinato, and also without any ghost notes:
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16-bar Groove Exercise

This exercise serves the purpose of integrating the main basic pattern.
Each bar is played twice.
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This exercise can be worked on with my innovative Pattern Morphing concept.

16 patterns can become 256 patterns of 2 measures.

Musical examples are granted for your personal use only © 2000 Alain Rieder - all rights reserved

NB - The previous exercise isn't part of my Time Manipulation Drum Book

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