Time Initiation Release

I am pleased to announce the release of my new book, Time Initiation, now available in two binding versions.
This method is designed to be studied before or in parallel with my previous book, Time Manipulation.
Over the years, I've developed a foundational practice structure through my teaching. Having taught for many years at the International School of Geneva (Ecolint), this book is bilingual English and French.
It has a complete bilingual Theory section, but there were initially no instructions for the exercises because I explained them in person during the lessons.
A year ago, in response to another school wishing to use my method, I undertook a comprehensive revision to make it accessible to the public. The number of pages more than doubled, and I introduced exciting new concepts, such as Pattern Morphing, a musical and enriching approach to tackling the exercises.
These concepts will captivate drummers of all levels and are applicable to Time Manipulation as well.
To facilitate your study or teaching of the book's concepts, I have created a little more than 5 hours of audio content available for download in MP3 format.
Whether you want to teach or learn the drums with a solid foundation or simply improve your skills, this book will guide you and provide years of practice.

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Drum Books by Alain Rieder

Alain Rieder is a professional drummer, educator, and the author of two acclaimed drum books.
Where to Buy
On this site (paperback & coil)
Lulu bookstore (paperback & coil)
Amazon (paperback only)
Soon available at Hudson Music (eBook)
Where to Buy
On this site (paperback & coil)
Lulu bookstore (paperback & coil)
Amazon (paperback only)
Hudson Music (eBook)
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