Time Manipulation eBook

I am pleased to announce the availability of my Time Manipulation Drum Book in ebook format, in English and French versions.
Distributed by Hudson Music
  • The magic drum book to help you work on your coordination in a groove context.
  • Basic and polyrhythmic patterns in 4/4 & 12/8, rhythmic displacements, implied metric modulation, and much more!
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  • This version is intended to be read primarily on iPad or Android tablets, but it can also be read on computers and smartphones.

  • Audio can be listened to simply by touching the screen, but mp3 files can also be downloaded for separate playback.

To read the ebook, you will need one of these free applications:
Apple iOS
Google Android
Apple Macintosh OSX

Fun, inspiring, and educational Modern Drummer Magazine (USA), 2019

The material is sophisticated, precise, highly informative and very musical. Drums & Percussion Magazine (D), 2019

Time Manipulation Drum Book

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Fun, inspiring, and educational Modern Drummer Magazine (USA), 2019

Print and ebook versions available worldwide
ebook distributed by Hudson Music

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print version | code SEPTEM15
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