Rhythmic Exploration in 12/8 and 3/4

Would you like to progress in your ability to play fills and solos? Here are a few patterns from a new – not yet published – drum book.

The exercises can be practiced on a simple pad or on the drums. They will provide hours of rhythmic exploration!

In this video, I play two exercises:
  1. The first one is in 12/8.
  2. The second one is the transposition in 3/4 of the first one.
The tempo is 120 BPM, and I play each pattern twice.
  • I suggest practicing much slower at first (around 40 BPM), in separate patterns and counting out loud.
  • The more you know the two exercises, the easier it will be to tackle the rest of the book which is really intense! Learn them by heart!
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These exercises can be practiced with my innovative Pattern Morphing concept.

Drum Books by Alain Rieder


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