Soul with a Capital "S" - part 2

This is the second part of an article that was originally published in Batteur Magazine in 1997. Here I show you how to further develop the pattern that was demonstrated before.

Soul with a Capital "S" - Part 2

Example 1
Again, one of the patterns seen in the previous part.
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Example 2
The fourth measure is a possible variation of the pattern
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Example 3
One of the rhythmic elements from the preceding pattern
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Example 4
The same pattern, played with 16th-notes
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16-bar Groove Exercise
This exercise serves the purpose of integrating the pattern seen in Example 3.
Each bar is played twice.
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This exercise can be worked on with my innovative Pattern Morphing concept.

16 patterns can become 256 patterns of 2 measures.

Musical examples are granted for your personal use only.
© 1997 Alain Rieder - all rights reserved

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